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Integrated drawing machines so you achieve top results

We also supply a full range of upstream and downstream equipment to form integrated drawing lines. Here again, there is a key focus on overall plant performance and safety. Our uncoilers, smart coil opening systems, and pre-straightening machines ensure perfect raw material preparation. Next up is our range of drawing units, renowned for their standout features – for example: unparalleled reliability, remote die control under load, and high drawing speeds. Also available to you are high-precision flying shears, straightening and polishing machines, bar-end processing units, and inspection equipment. Moreover, it’s easy to integrate any other systems you require, such as packaging stations. All this means you’ll feel better knowing that our world-class experts build the right machine – whatever your application.




Drawing speed

up to 500 m/min

up to 150 m/min

Drawing force

up to 260 KN

up to 450 KN

Number of drawing jaws

60/ 62/ 64


Adjustment of drawing pressure

by hydraulic cylinder

mechanical by wedge design

Pulling in process

automatically and continuous via carriage between upper and lower chain without stop

automatically via puller jaws


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