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ArcelorMittal Ghent

Reference plant in Belgium
  • Installation of a primary energy melter in existing melt shop to increase hot metal range supplied to BOF
  • Melting capacity: 30 t/h 
  • Hot commissioning in 2014

Eight burners operate at different levels, each one achieving a power of up to 3 MV. The system is powered by natural gas (mainly CH4 and C2H6). That means the products from completed combustion consist of CO2 and H2O.

These were the considerations behind our PEM design project. As a result, heating and melting take place in a shaft furnace, while the molten scrap is superheated in a second unit. This can be for example a ladle furnace. It's an added extra that the scrap melting furnace is equipped with sensors. They not only analyze the off-gas composition but also measure the temperatures and pressures inside the shaft.