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The ARCCESS® family - boosting your electric-arc furnaces SIS oxygen injection and burner system

You want to boost your EAF productivity and reduce your electricity consumption? Ideal for this is our SIS oxygen injection and burner system.

Why? Because it melts the scrap and superheats the liquid metal.

  • Patented SMS group system
  • Combined injector / burner
  • Available for new constructions and revamps 
  • Developed for top availability and efficiency

Your benefits

ARCCESS® SIS injector technology

  • Tremendous natural gas savings (30-80%)
  • High oxygen injection efficiency due to longer
    supersonic jet 
  • Single port design
  • Lightweight: injector only 18 kg
  • Better panel design: close to bath surface
  • No excessive wear of refractory lining below SIS panel
  • Low maintenance costs
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Slab caster - Maghreb Steel

Preview image ARCCESS® SIS  injector technology

ARCCESS® SIS injector technology

Arccess® family - SIS

SIS burner for lower energy input

To ensure high steel quality, it's crucial that all processes in the EAF - from scrap melting to decarburizing the melt through to tapping - mesh perfectly. This is supported by oxygen injectors. What's unique about the SMS Injection System (SIS) is its combination of burner and injector technology. This not only accelerates scrap melting and decarburization of the steel bath, but also cuts the consumption of expensive resources such as oxygen. Versatile as well as effective, SIS is perfect for integration into new EAFs or for retrofitting. As a result, you save on every ton of steel you produce. That ensures you recoup your investment very quickly.

Measuring the temperature of the cooling water using wired systems is a constant challenge. That's because splashing steel and slag regularly damage the cables and sensors. Now our wireless solution - X-Melt® Wireless Temp - reduces costly, time-intensive repairs. It's based on a simple principle: a protected transmitter transmits the measured data to a receiver outside the danger zone. This ensures reliable operation of the system.

High plant availability through fewer downtimes and reduced maintenance. You benefit vastly when you no longer need wired connections. Equally important is operator safety because your staff won't have to perform risky cable repairs in the high-temperature zone.

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