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Electric steelmaking

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SMS group's Electrical and Automation Systems are perfectly geared to the technological and operating requirements of your plants.

FEOS - Furnace energy optimization system - image

Simultaneous control of foaming Slag, Power, Burner and HBI/DRI Feeding

Your benefits

  • Lower energy consumption with better, reproducible furnace operating methods
  • Higher production due to shorter tap-to-tap times
  • Easy integration into your existing automation systems
Furnace swithgear - Image

Your benefits

  • Latest design acc. to IEC 62271- 200:2003
  • Long-life motorized vacuum furnace breaker
  • Dual breakers for high-power input of up to 250 MVA transformers
SMSgroup Image

Cost-effective determination of Charge materials, alloys / slag building material, electrical and chemical Energy

Your benefits

  • All-round solution for the EAF process
  • Process sequence charts for every material mix
  • Low energy input and short treatment time
  • Low-cost calculation for all materials
Ladle management system - image

Integrated and automated ladle management

Your benefits

  • No ladle breakouts
  • Precise detection of lining condition and longer ladle service life
  • Ideal tapping temperature, lower energy cost, and fewer ladles needed due to better logistics
  • Automatic registration of ladles for the next work step

Operation and visualization

The operator – at center stage

Our ergonomically designed control stations support the activities of your operating personnel. Included here is our new HMI system which guides them intelligently through the process.

Plug & Work

Many customers around the world have already benefited from Plug & Work for more than 100 new plant and modernization projects. Our references prove that Plug & Work ensures a much earlier return on investment than conventional approaches.

SMSgroup Image

Plug and Work - Testfield Ma'aden

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Modern strategies image

We develop strategies to ensure your production continues throughout alteration or modernization work. Compared with conventional methods, they give you more effective protection against failure, shorter commissioning times, steeper run-up curves, and an early return on investment.

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Available from our X-Pact® Level 3 system are all the tools required for planning and manufacturing all production processes in metallurgical plants and rolling mills.

Process guidance image

Our Process Guidance System sets a new standard in reliable, automatic control of complex plants. What makes the guidance system stand out is its process-oriented, ergonomic, and simple operation plus high transparency and scalability. 

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X-Pact® PQA

Product Quality Assessment

PQA (product quality assessment) is a quality management system for centralized recording and evaluation of measurement and process data along the entire process chain. You'll enjoy these benefits:

  • More effective process (in the individual production facilities and along the entire process chain)
  • Superior product quality
  • Lower production costs
  • Higher yield
  • Better complaints management
  • Fewer complaints
EA complete image

Learn about our plant technology covering the entire process chain for the production of high-quality metals.