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S/EAF steady electric-arc furnace

Do you want profitable production in spite of rising costs? That's where our innovative, flexible products with lower life-cycle costs come in.

We have taken the electric-arc furnace to the next level. It has evolved into a combination of the best from established and new technology. Now, the S/EAF - operating continuously at 100% power-on time - not only cuts energy and production costs but also boosts productivity by up to 30 percent.

What you get is a stationary electric-arc furnace designed for HBI (Hot-Briquetted Iron), DRI (Direct Reduced Iron), hot metal, and steel scrap. It consists of a lower furnace shell with tapping system, a roof on top, plus an electrode system (AC or DC). Special here is that the electric power remains switched on all the time, also during charging and tapping. This ensures lower power consumption.

One key component for continuous operation is the electrode holding and slipping feature. It includes an electrode jointing device which connects a new electrode string to the clamped electrode during ongoing operation. The only time you need to interrupt operation is for maintenance work. Then, a car takes the lower furnace shell to a maintenance stand. That means no heavy-duty cranes, large building structures, or special foundations are necessary.