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Sharc - Shaft arc furnace

Electric steelmaking
SHARC - shaft arc furnace The key advantage of the sharc design

The SHARC (Shaft Arc Furnace) at HLV is a 100-ton, 54-MW direct-current electric-arc furnace. It features two preheating shafts for scrap drying and preheating.

Let's compare it with other furnaces. Conventional scrap preheating systems use asymmetrical scrap charging equipment. What makes SHARC strikingly different is that the entire furnace cross section over the height of the two shafts is available for energy transfer. That's due to the symmetrical shape of the hearth. Also integrated here is DC high-current technology and longer retention of the hot off-gases. Plus, it gives you the advantage of melting scrap homogeneously.

The SHARC furnace with scrap preheating is highly productive, efficient, and easy on the environment.

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