ERW welded tube plants

Tube and pipe making
Tube welding lines for
tubes up to 26“

Available to you from SMS group are all core machines for producing electric resistant welded (ERW) tubes. These flexible plants cover product diameters ranging from 10 mm to 660 mm with variable wall thicknesses. Whether you manufacture welded tubes for the automotive sector, for the oil and gas industries, or for architecture - tube welding plants from SMS group are precisely tailored to the individual requirements of your end products.


The right process designed to your exact requirements

Individual components for tube welding lines

SMS group ERW tube welding lines come with a whole series of unique features that permanently improve output and quality. Take for instance our highly rigid URD® (Uniform Rigid Design) stands for precise tube forming, CSS Quicksetting® system (Computerized Setting System) with automatic mill setting for super-fast product changes, or rapid roll change systems for shortest non-productive and turnaround times.

Processes image
Raw material image
  • Coiled steel strip
  • Yield strength up to 800 N/mm2
Strip preparation image
  • Coil magazine and coil car
  • Uncoiler
  • Coil opener unit with coil peeler
  • Combined pinch roll unit/strip leveller
  • Shear/end welder (MAG) with integrated crop shear
  • Strip accumulator
  • Strip edge millers
Forming and welding image
  • Strip entry guides
  • Breakdown and idle stands
  • Strip edge bending stands
  • Straightedge forming equipment
  • URD® fin-pass and squeeze stands
  • HF welding generator (SMS Elotherm)
  • Inside and outside scarfers
  • MF seam annealing units (SMS Elotherm)
Sizing, forming and cutting image
  • Detwisting stands
  • URD® sizing and shaping stands
  • Universal and straightening Turk's heads 
  • Cambering stands
  • Travelling tube cut-off units
Finishing image
  • Inside flash flushing stations
  • Straightening machines
  • Pipe end facing and chamfering unit
  • Threading machines
  • Hydrostatic pipe testers
  • Data identification systems (AMS)
  • Bundling stations and transfer systems
Products image

Tubes with diameters of between 10 mm and 660 mm and wall thicknesses of between 0.7 mm and 25.4 mm

  • High precision tubes for the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors
  • Line pipes, casings, tubings and drill pipes for the OCTG sector
  • Structural tubes and pipes with round, square and rectangular cross-sections


Everything from one source

Also available to you from SMS group are all core machines for producing ERW welded tubes. These flexible plants cover product diameters ranging from 10 mm to 660 mm with wall thicknesses between 0.7mm and 25.4 mm.

URD design stands image

URD® rolling and squeeze stands for high-precision manufacturing
URD® design stands

SMS group has developed its URD® (Uniform Rigid Design) principle for fin-pass, squeeze, and sizing stands.

Rapid-change system image

Fast changing times
Rapid-change system

SMS group has created an innovative integrated design for the shortest possible changeover times in ERW tube welding lines. At the core of this concept is our CSS Quicksetting® system (Computerized Setting System).

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