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All machines for ERW tube production

These machines produce tubes from coiled steel strip in a continuous process. It starts with levelling the coils, then welding them end-to-end into endless strip. Next, the strip is formed into tubes at a constant process speed, longitudinal-seam welded with HF-welding, sized, and finally cut into finished tube lengths.

You'll particularly appreciate these outstanding features: ultra-rigid URD® (Uniform Rigid Design) stands for the closest tolerances, CSS Quicksetting® (Computerized Setting System) for faster product changes due to automatic, reproducible roller positioning, and rapid-change systems for minimum non-productive and set-up times. Specifically, that means you can alter product formats in less than an hour.

All you need to do is change the tools and plant settings to produce tubes of various dimensions on one plant. You also have a choice of various round tubes, plus square and rectangular sections.

Size ranges 1 12" up to 26"

RD 40

RD 660

Tube diameter [mm]10 - 40

244,5 - 660

Wall thickness [mm]0.8 - 4.5

4 - 24

Pipe length [mm]> 5.0


Capacity [t/year]60,000


Square sections [mm]10x10 - 30x30

220x220 - 500x500

Rectangular sections [mm]20x10 - 40x20

250x200 - 600x400

Main purposePrecision tubes, OCTG, structurals
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Strip accumulator
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Welding stand
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