Rapid-chance system

Fast changing times

This production and technology system slashes change-over and setting times and boosts productivity. Moreover, it ensures reproducible product quality and even helps you achieve continuous improvements with database-supported plant adjustments.

Easy process optimization

Using CSS Quicksetting®, you always get the best out of your plant. That's why your operators will love the intuitive user interface of the intelligent, database-supported software. It facilitates setting the required tube shape and transferring it to the plant. Then the settings are automatically executed. They can also be stored for reproducible results. That ensures you can reliably produce tubes with the same parameters and quality at a later time.

Our CSS Quicksetting® solution comes with the standard parameters for your specified portfolio already set. Then you can gradually expand the data record to include your own settings, taking full advantage of this learning system.

Rapid-change system image Rapid-change system image Rapid-change system image Rapid-change system image