Concept Extrusion Presses

Rod & tube extrusion presses

Special features:

  • Extrusion presses for steel combining proven engineering with a high degree of cost-efficiency
  • Reliable, low-maintenance design for high availability and output
  • Customized run-out systems with quench and cooling tables plus cut-to-length saws
  • Long-stroke vertical piercing and expanding presses for preforming
  • State-of-the art lubrication units tailored to your process requirements
Main technical data
MaterialsSteel, high-alloy special steels, titanium, zirconium
Nominal extrusion pressure8 - 70 MN
Container diameter100 - 400 mm
Max. billet length450 - 1,500 mm
Max. section circumference diameter125 - 320 mm
Min.- max. extrusion speed40 - 400 mm/s