Chemical treatment

Coating technologies geared to your requirements

Vertical roll coater

We have developed a highly efficient solution for you: our vertical roll coaters with two coater decks. Each deck comprises an applicator roller and a pick-up roller. The roll coater comes with advanced controls that ensure uniform coating in the exact layer thickness you want. Equally convincing is the low media consumption. Our coaters feature several circulation systems so you can change coating media quickly. That means the rollers, pans and media systems are cleaned automatically - in less than two minutes. 

Horizontal coater

Here, the strip travels horizontally between two roller pairs that apply the coating medium. The process is very similar to that of a vertical roll coater. Yet it comes with the advantage of a low height of the entire system. That's why this type is frequently used in buildings with limited overhead space.

Reference Chemical Treatment Image

Spray passivation

Our spray passivation system applies the passivation agent very homogeneously. It features the same equipment as the cleaning section. That means the surfaces are sprayed from both sides in a closed tank. Clogfree, spoon-type nozzles ensure a constant flow. It's also possible to automatically activate or deactivate individual nozzle tubes, nozzle tube groups, or complete sections.

Immersion bath treatment

Some passivation agents require immersion bath treatment. That involves guiding the strip through a bath for a defined time and at an exactly controlled media temperature. Our versions come with variable immersion length achieved by two adjustable dipping rollers. Consequently, you can precisely set the reaction time as a function of the strip speed. All this ensures you get excellent quality because the rolls apply only minimal bending stresses to the strip.