Plate cooling

Modular design for all requirements
Laminar cooling system image
Laminar cooling system

The cooling system is the central metallurgical tool in plate production. That's why plate cooling systems from SMS group offer you high cooling rates, flexible cooling strategies, and exact control with a powerful cooling model.

Furthermore, we tailor them to your requirements. Our cooling technology comes in two basic types - each available as stand-alone or combined systems.

The laminar cooling option scores with low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. It also features accelerated cooling and direct quenching, so this design can produce a wide range of high-strenght plates at low cost.

Spray cooling system image
Spray cooling system

Alternatively, there is our spray cooling system based on nozzle technology. This solution ensures very high cooling rates and flexible cooling strategies for a wide range of high-quality steel grades. To achieve good plate flatness even at high cooling rates, pinch rolls guide the plate through the cooling section.

Our X-Pact® cooling model precisely controls the cooling process, The cooling model applies true-to-life material models and algorithms to formulate temperature equations, in this way precisely determining the temperature distribution and microstructure components, and ultimately the mechanical properties.