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Siderúrgica Nacional, Venezuela

Flexible mill complex for plate and strip

Venezuelan company Siderúrgica Nacional ordered a mill for hot strip and heavy plate from SMS for its new steel complex.

The hot mill plant consists of a 3.8-m heavy-plate mill and a twin-stand Steckel mill. Used both for plate production and as a rougher for hot strip production, the plate mill stand is the central unit. It has a roll force of 75 MN and features hydraulic adjustment systems, work-roll bending, and KLX® series oil film bearings.

Also contracted is a twin-stand Steckel mill designed for 844,000 tons of hot strip per year. Essentially, the Steckel mill consists of two identical four-high stands in tandem arrangement. It will roll the transfer bars arriving from the heavy-plate mill to final thicknesses of between 1.5 and 18 millimeters. Further components of the Steckel mill are the strip cooling system, a down coiler, and a coil transfer system.

SMS group supplies also the entire electrical and automation systems for the new plant complex. The X-Pact® automation package include sthe process automation (level 1) and the technological process models (level 2). The automation system was tested beforehand using our Plug & Work method. This ensures set-up of the systems for faultless sequences and perfect operability prior to installation.


Structural steel, pressure vessel, pipe grades,
automotive grades

Strip width

800 - 1,800 mm

Strip thickness

1.5 - 18 mm

Plate width

1,500 - 3,400 mm

Plate thickness

8 - 50 mm