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Plate leveling

Flexibility in leveling

The cold plate leveler is the best example for the high flexibility offered by our machines. Engineered and patented by SMS, our 9/5 or 11/7 cold plate leveler offers you high flexibility for efficient leveling of high- strength plates by optimizing plate flatness and minimizing residual stresses. To achieve excellent leveling results, the cold plate leveler is equipped not just with a main hydraulic adjusting system, but also with separate hydraulic adjustment for each roll, plus an individual roll drive and a high sophisticated automation system. This combination ensures that you can set the ideal leveling strategy for each plate.

Sometimes you need a wider leveling range, so the cold plate leveler can increase automatically the roll pitch between the leveler rolls. This can be done from one plate to the next.

It's no problem for us to adapt the actual design to your special requirements. Take for example our cold plate leveler for VDM Metals (Germany). SMS group equipped it with 11 individual adjustable leveler rolls for processing plates made of nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys, and special stainless steels in thicknesses of between 3 and 30 mm.

Plate leveling image Plate leveling image Plate leveling image Plate leveling image
Cold plate leveler