Horizontal continuous casting plants

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You’ll find our horizontal continuous casting plants ideal for high-grade extrusion billets, cold rollable strips, wire rods, tubes, and bars, above all from copper and copper alloys. Particularly advantageous are the low investment outlay and overheads. That ensures you can look forward to high cost efficiency for small and medium-sized capacities.


3D visualization of horizontal continuous casting plants for extrusion billets

Horizontal continuous casting plants for extrusion billets

You can rely on our horizontal continuous casters for extrusion billets to achieve top productivity and product quality. These machines cast a variety of copper alloys – such as brass with and without lead, specialty brasses, copper-nickel, and DHP copper.

Here are some of the plant solutions we integrate into continuous casters:  inline milling machines, shears,  strip upcoilers, and strip bending  machines.

Horizontal continuous casting plants for strips

Together with our Technica brand, SMS group is the pioneer in wide-strip continuous casting plants. We have banked a wealth of experience with over 100 reference projects. These horizontal continuous casters produce strips 10 to 20 mm thick and up to 1,050 mm wide. Included among the materials they can handle are bronze, brass, nickel-silver, copper-nickel, aluminum-tin and other alloys.

3D visualization of horizontal continuous casting plants for tubes and profiles

Horizontal continuous casting plants for tubes and profiles

Our continuous casting plants are inherently flexible enough to cast various types of cross sections – for example tubes, profiles, and wire rod. That means you can process typical alloys such as brass, copper, bronze, copper-nickel, nickel-silver, and other precious metals.


Pressure-controlled Furnace

Exceptionally effective in our horizontal continuous casting plants is the SMS pressure-controlled multi-chamber holding furnace. It features a stationary cooler that ensures consistently high product quality.

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Control and drive technology

What you get from our Computocast® control system is top-precision reproduction of the manufacturing data you set – every time. Also available are integrated remote maintenance and telediagnostic modules. So you can rely on rapid troubleshooting as well as high system availability. Plus, there is another highlight for you: drive technology featuring three-phase servo drives in real-time position control.

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