horizontal continuous casting plants for extrusion billets

You can rely on our horizontal continuous casters for extrusion billets to achieve top productivity and product quality. These machines cast a variety of copper alloys – such as brass with and without lead, specialty brasses, copper-nickel, and DHP copper. Due to extensive automation, they require little manpower. Furthermore, our casters are highly flexible in terms of production capacity. All this makes horizontal continuous casting plants from SMS an attractive option. Here you can choose between one and up to four strands. Out of these factors evolves an annual capacity of over 100,000 tpy.

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Key technical features:


Copper alloys e.g. brass with and without lead, special brasses, copper-nickel, and DHP copper

Number of strands

1 - 4

Billet Ø

60 - 400 mm

Billet length

from 0.4 m

Production capacity

up to 120,000 tpy

SMSgroup Image
SMSgroup Image