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What makes all the difference to steel production in BOF shops is the hot metal quality. That's why the first step in a successful steel production line is removing unwanted elements from the hot metal. That is what SMS group HMP (Hot Metal Pre-treatment) plants do. We supply tried-and-tested technologies for fast, efficient pre-treatment:
• Deep injection process for removing silicon, phosphorus and sulphur (HMP-PI)
• Mechanical stirring process for removing sulfur (HMD-KR – Hot Metal Desulfurization-Kinetic Reactor)

HMP-PI plant concepts

Powder Injection

SMS group supplies two basic HMP plant concepts that cover all capacity and productivity requirements. You select the optimum plant to suit your specific conditions and targets.

A range of different metallurgical reagents can be injected through a refractory-coated lance immersed into the hot metal.

Typically lime, calcium carbide and magnesium are used for desulfurization. In case of disiliconization or dephosphorization iron oxide is used. Reagents are pneumatically conveyed – that is via a carrier gas which creates an overpressure in the pipeline. They are transferred by mono or co-injection technologies.

Our latest Twinjection® allows a high injection rate without compromising efficiency.

Single HMP plant image Single HMP plant image Single HMP plant image Single HMP plant image

Single HMP plant

  • One treatment position
  • One injection lance system
  • External or integrated deslagging station 
  • Compact design
  • Lower investment cost
  • Standard capacity
Twin HMP plant image Twin HMP plant image Twin HMP plant image Twin HMP plant image

Twin HMP plant

  • Two treatment positions
  • Two injection lance systems
  • Short cycle times
  • One external or two integrated deslagging stations 
  • Maximum capacity


HMP-PI technology

Injection of powder via carrier gas

Classic hot metal pre-treatment involves injecting one or two metallurgical powders into the pig iron in a carrier gas. In this precisely controlled process refractory-coated lances are used.


  • Removal of silicon
  • Rremoval of phosphorus
  • Very low sulphur end contents
  • Short treatment times
  • Economically optimized process control
  • Smooth injection
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Versatile injection technology for lower costs

In order to ensure the efficiency and flexibility of hot metal desulphurisation, desulphurisation agents are injected in mono- or co-injection processes. For the co-injection process, a plant must have different hardware configurations. These ensure that desulphurization agents are fed quickly and that desulphurization is carried out as efficiently as possible.


  • Co-injection of two agents
  • ECO-injection of three agents for better cost-effectiveness
  • TWINJECTION®, two separate injection lines for co-injection in one lance and minimum injection time
Versatile injection technology chart Versatile injection technology chart Versatile injection technology chart Versatile injection technology chart

HMP-KR technology

Mechanical stirring – a practical alternative

Commonly used injection agents such as calcium carbide or magnesium are often in short supply and therefore expensive. For this reason, SMS group offers an alternative technology in which inexpensive agents can be used for hot metal desulphurization: Instead of injection via immersion lances, a rotating stirrer mixes the liquid pig iron with the desulfurization agent.


  • Very low sulphur end contents
  • Cheap desulfurization agents
  • High efficiency
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