Finishing mill stand actuators

For close plate and strip tolerances

Our mill stands come equipped with powerful actuators so you can produce hot strip and plate to close thickness and profile tolerances. Specifically, these actuators are:

  • Mechanical and hydraulic gap adjustment systems
  • Work roll bending
  • CVC®plus
  • Multizone cooling
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CVC®plus is the world’s most successful technology package for profile and flatness control. It combines axial work roll shifting with special CVC® grinding, a work roll bending system, and our powerful technological process model (Profile and Flatness Control, PFC). This PFC uses – for each strip – the pre-calculated values for roll force in terms of roll temperature and roll flattening to calculate the optimum pre-settings for the work roll CVC® shifting position and bending force. Then it automatically adjusts the roll gap to the changing conditions. The result? Extremely close strip tolerances. Due to the wide setting range provided by CVC®plus, our mill stands typically feature negative work roll bending only. This cuts maintenance compared to stands with both negative and positive bending.