Semi-continuous hot mill line, Tianjin Zhongwang, China

Flexible, high-performance hot mill

This 1 + 1 + 3 hot rolling line is part of Chinese company Tianjin Zhongwang’s gigantic aluminum flat rolled products complex. Included in our supply package were two hot rolling lines, six cold rolling lines featuring two tandem mills, one strip coating line, two plate stretchers, and four ingot scalpers.

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What’s particularly impressive about the hot mill line is that it can handle a huge range of alloys and dimensions. The first reversing roughing stand is mainly used for aluminum plates up to 4,300 mm wide and from 8 to 260 mm thick. Just as extraordinary is the maximum hot strip width of 2,900 millimeters – at a minimum final thickness of 2.2 mm. To attain the required strip quality, the rolling line is equipped with state-of-the-art actuators and control systems. We supplied the complete rolling plant with our X-Pact® electrical and automation system. Another stand-out feature is AluControl®. It provides precise control based on the specific process sequence data plus product-oriented general information for aluminum hot and cold rolling.

Main technical data


AA1xxx, AA2xxx, AA5xxx, AA6xxx, AA7xxx

Plate width

max. 4,300 mm

Plate thickness

8.0 - 260 mm

Strip width

max. 2,800 mm

Strip thickness

2.2 - 12 mm