SMS group pusher-type furnaces

Efficient reheating and ingot handling

Our aluminum-ingot reheating furnaces are available in direct gas-fired or electrically heated pusher-type versions. Whichever design you choose, your furnace effectively reheats continuous or semi-continuous ingots before hot rolling.  You can also use it to homogenize ingots at  higher temperatures. Then, after homogenization is complete, the ingots are cooled down to rolling temperature. Installed here is a special air-guiding system that achieves uniform temperature distribution during both heating and cooling.

To effect a smooth transition, the furnace is perfectly aligned with the hot mill roller table. You also benefit from full automation – starting with ingot loading by crane to centering and weighing on the entry table, as well as transport to the hot mill roller table. Plus there are several heating zones in the furnace, which is heated directly either by electrical register or (recuperative) gas burners to a temperature of up to 680 degrees Celsius. The burners or register are on the ceiling at the sides – with a central fan designed to distribute the heat. Also featured is a special, high-velocity air-guiding system located between and below the ingots. That ensures perfect heat transfer to the ingots and extremely uniform temperature distribution inside the furnace.

Main features:

  • Ingot loading station with centering, measuring, and weighing  device
  • Up ender
  • Pusher
  • Furnace
  • Air cooling device (optional)
  • Extractor
  • Down ender
  • Hydraulic power packs for each furnace on entry and exit sides
  • Skid shoe return conveyor
  • Electrical control equipment
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Rehating furnaces with roughing stand
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