Reversing hot mill line, Guangxi Alnan, China

1 + 1 for plate and strip

Guangxi Alnan uses a typical 1 + 1 reversing hot mill line for aluminum plate and strip. The company produces a wide range of high-quality alloys including special aluminum alloys for the aircraft and transport industries.

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Truly outstanding, the plate/roughing stand is equipped with one of the world’s most powerful aluminum mill drives. It can roll aluminum plates up to 3,800 mm wide, 8 to 260 mm thick, and up to 38 meters long. Also included here is a CVC®plus finishing stand that produces up to 2,900-millimeter-wide coils with a final strip thickness of between 2.2 and 12 mm. Apart from the hot rolling mill, Guangxi Alnan also operates a 6-high cold rolling mill from SMS group. To ensure perfect operation, we equipped both the hot and cold rolling mills with X-Pact® electrical and automation systems including AluControl®. We also supplied drives, instruments, measuring devices as well as the Level 1 process controls and the Level 2 technological models. Finally, our supply package contained all the media and filter systems required for the hot and cold rolling mills.

Main technical data

Plate width

max. 3,800 mm

Plate thickness

8.0 - 260 mm

Strip width

max. 2,900 mm

Strip thickness

2.2 - 12.0 mm