Wieland-Werke, Germany

Copper mill modernization

Wieland-Werke in Ulm, Germany is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of copper and copper alloy semi-finished goods. They opted for us to modernize the hot rolling mill at their Vöhringen location. This investment was designed to increase the coil weights and enhance productivity.

To achieve these goals, SMS supplied a two-high rolling stand with a fully hydraulic edging stand at the entry side. It's capable of reverse- rolling blooms weighing up to 16 t to widths of between 580 and 840 mm and thicknesses of 8.5 to 25 mm. Also included in our supply package were a coilbox with additional heat hood for temperature balancing before the final pass, strip cooling equipment, and a cooling bed just 700 mm high.

Replacing the old plant with the hot rolling mill during ongoing production was a tough challenge. To ensure minimum downtime, we installed the equipment in several phases. First came assembly of the new furnace roller table during a one-week shutdown. Then production resumed while we extended the cooling bed to 110 m. Finally, a 47-day break in operations gave us time to dismantle the old plants and install the new components. Just two weeks after the start of the ramp-up phase, the plant achieved maximum production.