Boost your competitiveness

Hot Strip Mills
Four dimensions to improve the performance of existing plants

SMS group offers a large number of solutions available along the complete process chain which do not need large investments, but substantially increase the competitiveness of plants.

Those technologies improve the performance of plants and machines regarding one or more of the four categories:

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  • Increase of plant yield
  • Minimization of yield losses
  • Increase of process stability
  • Minimization of downtimes / non-productive times
  • Increase of plant capacity (e.g. process speed, elimination of bottlenecks etc.)
  • Flexible scheduling of production (grades, dimensions etc.)
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  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of material use (raw materials, alloys etc.)
  • Reduction of consumables (water, hydraulic oil, compressed air etc.)
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Reduction of maintenance costs, spare parts costs
  • Increase of reliability and availability
  • Extension of service life
  • Reduction of tooling costs
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  • Improvement metallurgical properties
  • Improvement of geometrical tolerances
  • Extension of geometrical range (width, thickness etc.)
  • Introduction of new products with value-add (automotive, OCTG etc.)
  • Reproducible process conditions
  • Reduction of rejection rate
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  • Intelligent components, machines and systems (Internet of things) 
  • Innovative measuring Technology and software
  • Software with self-learning algorithms
  • Augmented reality for production, services and maintenance
  • Assistance systems
  • “Smart factory” / Digital integration of production
  • Digitalization: Data-based services and data mining / Big data