CRC - Work roll cooling

Hot rolling mills for steel

Conventional roll cooling especially for work rolls normally requires high water quantities, realizes an only limited heat transfer rate per applied cooling media volume and allows an only restricted controlled and variable cooling depending on strip width.
Reflecting this situation, SMS group developed successfully a new roll cooling process and design especially for work rolls, but also for strip – the Convection Roll Cooling. This new cooling follows a shell design especially creating a tangential coolant application on the work roll at the exit side of the rolling direction combined with ensuring coolant removal by sealing means behind a defined cooling zone.

Significantly reduced coolant amounts allow a significantly increased specific cooling rate especially for a work roll due to the new cooling process and design. Additionally, the coolant removal is aligned to such an extent that up to now unintended cooled adjacent components and assemblies, e.g. chocks, back-up rolls or cylinders, now have to and are cooled additionally and specifically. Also the specific design of the new cooling enables a controlled respectively a regulated cooling especially variable in roll width dimension. This allows in a very flexible and positive way to influence technological rolling process parameters, e.g. thermal crown, as well as features of rolled products, e.g. profile and flatness. Additionally, the new cooling also contributes to reduce energy and maintenance expenditures.

These advantageous features of the new cooling were already successfully proven reliable jointly with a notable steel producer in a production plant and are object of further ongoing improvements.  

Wolfgang Fuchs,
Head of Design Finishing Mills,
SMS group +49 2733 292331