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Strip cooling systems

Strip cooling is an important metallurgical process in hot strip mills. That's why SMS group systems come with high cooling rates, flexible cooling strategies, and a powerful cooling model.

To achieve a wide range of cooling rates, SMS group established different strip cooling system modules ranging from 35 to 200 m³/ (h*m²). We combine these modules within a cooling section to offer you a money-saving solution geared to any product range.

Our X-Pact® cooling model model presets the optimum cooling strategy for each strip. It analyzes the essential physical variables such as the thermal conductivity in strip thickness direction, the transfer of heat in air and water zones, as well as the transformation behavior of the material during the cooling process. Starting from these values, the model calculates the right cooling curve every time.

You benefit from

  • Production of advanced steel grades
  • Reduced quantities of alloying elements
  • Flexible adjustment of a wide range of cooling rates
  • Precise target coiler temperature
  • Flexible adjustment of water loads in the upper and lower cooling headers

Our new edge masking system features moveable edge masking shields which follow the lateral strip movement. As a result of the more equalized temperature distribution across the strip width, cold strip flatness is improved.