Ingot scalpers for main ingot surfaces

Knoevenagel® scalpers from SMS group are installed upstream of aluminum hot rolling mills. Here, they remove the oxide skin as well as any metallurgical impurities from the surface of the ingots. Scalping the edges reduces the amount of trimming scrap generated in the subsequent hot rolling process. This also keeps the work rolls clean. Another impressive feature of our ingot scalping machines is their high rigidity. That guarantees the best surface qualities right down to micron level – even on hard aluminum alloys.

Single-head ingot scalping machine with turn over device
Single-head ingot scalping machine with turn over device

Whatever your requirements, we offer you a customized solution including chip handling, electrical equipment, automation, plus measuring and control technology for all scalping activities, dimensions, and performance ranges.

Ingot scalper designs:

  • Single-head ingot scalping machines with turntable for machining ingots in horizontal position
  • Combined edge and surface scalping devices for simultaneous horizontal scalping of main surfaces and edges
  • One top-mounted and one bottom-mounted milling head for machining ingots in horizontal position
  • Two side-mounted milling heads for machining ingots in vertical position

Your benefits at a glance

  • Proven, heavy-duty design with high precision
  • Quality precision bearings
  • Durable, maintenance-free machine bed guides
  • Very efficient chip extraction
  • Quick-change system for the cutting tool
  • High surface quality
  • Automatic process control
  • Quick automatic adjustment
  • Automatic infeed control
  • Automatic ingot measurement
Double-head ingot scalping machine
Double-head ingot scalping machine