Large-diameter pipe plants

Tube and pipe making
Large-diameter pipe plants for pipes from 16” – 64”

Whenever large amounts of liquids or gases have to be transported over long distances, pipelines are the answer. They supply industry with raw materials and drinking water to cities, and transport energy resources around the world. However, large-diameter pipes also play an important role in other fields. Included here are construction or piling pipes for offshore projects.

Longitudinally welded large-diameter pipes produced on our plants are hightech products. Tough enough for all conditions, they withstand wide temperature fluctuations, high pressures, as well as acidic and corrosive gases.

With plants from SMS group you achieve even better quality, more flexible and more cost-effective processes, more precise dimensions and closer pipe tolerances.


The right process to meet every requirement

Individual components of LSAW pipe plants

Today, there are two important processes used in the production of longitudinally welded large-diameter pipes. They are UOE and JCOE®, a process developed by SMS group. We supply the equipment for everything from the first to the final process step. That includes not only the core machines, but also all the upstream and downstream process steps required for projects in a large-diameter pipe plant.

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Raw material

  • Plate of steel grades up to X120
Preperation image


  • Plate edge milling machines
  • Plate edge crimping presses
  • Automatic tab welding
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  • JCO® pipe forming press
  • U-ing pressing and O-ing presses
  • GCP® gap closing press
  • Shape automation system
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  • Tack-welding machines
  • Inside and outside welding machines
  • PERFECT arc® digital welding
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Testing & Finishing

  • Mechanical expanders
  • Facing and chamfering machines
  • Hydrostatic pipe testers
  • X-ray and supersonic test equipment
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  • Large diameter pipes from 16 to 64 inches


Safe process sequence

SMS group combines the individual machines for the production of large-diameter pipes into completely integrated systems.

JCOE pipe forming process image

Flexible in diameter, strong in wall thickness
JCOE® pipe forming process

SMS group is the single company being able to supply 18m forming press.

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Solutions for automated pipe forming
Shape automation system

Our Shape automation system gives you precise information on the geometry of your pipes during all forming steps. It measures ovality, straightness, weld seam, and pipe ends with high accuracy for automatic quality assurance.

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Higher productivity and over 30 percent less energy consumption
Perfect arc® digital welding

PERFECT arc® is a digital welding process newly developed by SMS group. It's equally suitable for spiral pipes as well as longitudinally seam welded UO and JCO® pipes. The solution is ideal for both arc and submerged-arc welding.


Electrical and Automation Systems

Integration of the latest technologies and automation processes

There is a huge demand for the automation of complete large-diameter pipes plants and integrated individual machines. That's another SMS group specialty.

So, whatever you want, from individual sensors, through drive and control technology, right up to planning and implementation of computer-aided information and control systems: SMS group supplies complete solutions.

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Emergency Support

Remote service

Remote access to the machine control system for fault analysis is possible only after authentication by the customer. Direct analysis and evaluation of the operating parameters are performed online by the SMS Service employees. They can easily identify defects and malfunctions and initiate measures for fault elimination. Remote access also allows the system software to be updated. Naturally, the installation of the necessary hardware and software for the remote access is already included in the remote service.

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Our services

  • Installation of software and hardware
  • Identification of faults, defects and malfunctions 
  • System update and fault elimination per remote access
  • In case of plant failure competent assistance by experts

Your benefits

  • Shorter reaction times
  • Rapid identification of necessary maintenance and repair measures
  • Reduction of maintenance costs


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Large-diameter Pipe Plants


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