Corinth Pipeworks (CPW)

JCOE® technology for optimum quality with offshore sizes

Corinth Pipeworks already successfully operates an HFI pipe welding machine and two-step spiral mill. Now, with its new JCOE® large diameter pipe mill, the company is enhancing its production capacities for welded tubes and pipes. The plant is designed for a capacity of 400,000 tpy and for high-quality offshore sizes that meet exact specifications.

This large-diameter pipe mill considerably extends our customer's size range. Now CPW can also cost-effectively produce pipe sizes with high wall thicknesses and small pipe diameters. This is possible by shifting the required closing of the process-related gap for these sizes to a separate press. That frees up the full capacity of the JCO® pipe forming press for forming. The GCP® gap closing press subsequently reduces the gap with no cycle time loss. So the pipe can then be reliably and precisely tack-welded. Included in the specific features of the plant are:

  • 18 m-JCOE® large-diameter pipe mill combined with S-SAW
  • JCO® pipe forming press with Shape Automation System
  • 12 m GCP® gap closing press for extended size range
  • Energy-efficient variable-speed pump hydraulics (VSP)

Key data

Location: Thisvi, Greece
Production process: JCOE®
Annual capacity: 400,000 t
Diameters produced: 406 mm to 1,420 mm
Wall thickness: up to 40 mm
Length: up to 18.3 m
Commissioning: 2014