Shape - a “smart“ forming press

The SHAPE Automation System is an innovative technology tool designed to optimize the process of JCO® pipe forming. It calculates the perfect forming parameters for each plate for an ideal process. And during the forming process it measures the geometry and automatically adjust the next forming step leading to outstanding results.

Your benefits

Easily safe 5% production time - 100's of hours

  • Fully automated pipe forming - operator independent
  • Improved & consistent pipe quality despite material inhomogenities - reduced standard deviations of geometry parameters
  • Full line performance starting from 1st pipe - requires no "teaching", no "downstream feedback"
  • Instant determination & setting of optimum machine parameters - within seconds
  • Selection of individual forming strategies - target geometry, performance vs. local out of roundness, number of forming steps, outside closing
  • Quick pipe outside closing up to 75% time saving
Shape automation system image


Determination of basic default settings for ECP Edge-crimping press, JCO® pipe forming press, and GCP-Gap Closing press.

Shape automation system image


Measurement of the actual pipe deformation

Shape automation system image


Automatic correction of the pipe shape during the forming process