HybrEx® extrusion presses

Innovative extrusion press generation for energy-efficient production

HybrEx® extrusion presses consume up to 55 % less energy, while increasing your productivity by up to 20 % at the same time, depending on the application. This qualifies the HybrEx® extrusion press for our Ecoplants label which denotes economically and ecologically convincing solutions from SMS group.

The new extrusion press generation implements a hybrid drive concept. The HybrEx® hybrid drive system is based primarily on electric servomotors, which are more efficient, faster, and more precise than the mainly hydraulic machines. The hydraulic drive in the HybrEx® extrusion presses is used exclusively to generate high forces for the extrusion process, for discard shearing, and for die cassette shifting.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduced hydraulic drive power - now only for press cylinders, discard shear, and cassette shifting device
  • Low overall height and smaller footprint
  • New press cylinder with integrated expansion tank and air-tight sealed tank featuring diaphragm technology and degassing device
  • Reduced oil surge volume and smaller tank volume
  • Lower heat radiation and heat losses
  • Variable-frequency fixed-displacement pumps
  • Reduced idle times and maintenance costs