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Tailor-made solutions for more customer value

Minimills are part of our DNA. We pioneered the idea of an integrated plant consisting of an electric-arc furnace and associated rolling mill - and turned it into reality. Today, SMS minimills consistently deliver the highest performance and shortest downtimes. You'll always receive innovative, integrated automation solutions designed to boost productivity and reduce your manpower. All this ensures you reap a fast return on investment.


Product range

Always the right choice, from start to finish

Our melt shops and rolling mill technologies set the benchmark for long-product minimills, with capacities ranging from 150,000 to over 2,000,000 tpy. Here you'll find the most complete product range in the industry - whether it's for wire rod and coiled bars, or straight merchant and SBQ bars, sections, rails, or pipes. Wherever possible, we combine leading technology with top quality from renowned brands, all of which have become part of the SMS group over the years. Included here are ABB, Mannesmann Demag, Schloemann, Siemag, MAN-GHH, Krupp, Möller & Neumann, Sack, and many others. All this ensures you get smooth processes and perfect product quality.

Raw materials Image Raw materials Image Raw materials Image Raw materials Image

Raw materials

The Minimills are always tailor-made for the raw materials that meet the individual demands best, be it scrap, DRI, HBI or hot metal.

  • Scrap/DRI/HBI storage, handling and charging system
  • Hot metal handling and charging system
Melting Image Melting Image Melting Image Melting Image


Integrated process automation and sturdy mechanical design allow for highest productivity at minimum production cost. State-of-the-art technologies guarantee minimized emissions.

  • AC & DC electric arc furnace
  • Chemical energy technology
  • Scrap preheating system
  • Fume treatment plant
  • Material handling & addition system
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The secondary metallurgy systems are designed to achieve the right steel composition and temperature as fast and cost effectively as possible.

  • Ladle metallurgical furnace
  • Vacuum degasser
  • Vacuum oxygen decarburization
  • Trimming/chemical heating station
Casting Image Casting Image Casting Image Casting Image


The casting machines process billets, blooms, rounds and beam blanks ranging from construction steel grades to quality products for high-end applications.

  • Bloom and large round casters
  • Beam blank casters
  • Combi casters
  • Billet casters
Reheating Image Reheating Image Reheating Image Reheating Image


The SMS Minimill Team offers the right solution for the reheating of every steel product. Innovative technologies help manufacturers reduce resource consumption.

  • Pusher reheating furnace
  • Walking hearth reheating furnace
  • Walking beam reheating furnace
  • Induction heating system
Rolling Image Rolling Image Rolling Image Rolling Image


The mills are reliable, flexible and most efficient. This guarantees lowest operational cost, strict tolerances and optimal surface conditions.

  • Merchant bar mill
  • Special quality bar mill
  • Bar and wire rod mill
  • Section and billet mill
  • Rail mill
Finishing Image Finishing Image Finishing Image Finishing Image


Saving time, space and costs: the finishing lines ideally prepare all products for storing and shipping.

  • Wire rod lines
  • Coiled bar lines
  • High speed delivery systems
  • Section finishing lines
  • Heat treatment
  • Quench and temper lines
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The Minimills produce a broad range of steel products. Tailor-made plants from the SMS Minimill Team are always the right choice.

  • Wire rod and coiled bars
  • Straight merchant and SBQ bars
  • Sections
  • Rail and special sections

CMT® Technology

Direct link between caster and rolling mill

Our CMT® technology eliminates the need for handling and reheating by linking the caster to the mill. An induction heater gives you perfect control of the starting temperature for the rolling mill - according to the billet speed. Using CMT® technology means no foundation works in the furnace area and no billet storage are necessary. Environmental aspects demonstrated by the Tung Ho reference plant: 

  • Savings of 72,000 tpy of CO2 emissions (greenhouse effect)
  • Savings of 410 tpy of SO2 emissions (acid rain)
  • Savings of 225 tpy of NOx emissions (acid rain) 
SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image

Induction heater key data

  • Induction heating system for re-heating and axial equalization of
    billets from CCM® to RM
  • 0.07 to 1 m/s speed range
  • Perfect temperature control in combination with billet speed
  • Top rolling performance and operating flexibility


Your benefits from CMTTM minimills

  • Low operational costs (~-20$/t OPEX)
  • Low manpower requirements
  • Low capital investment costs
  • Compact design (less building area, cranes, land required, etc.)
  • Low total costs (~-50$/t CAPEX/OPEX)
  • Lower emissions
  • Local scrap collection and sale (low transportation costs, less competition)

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