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SULB Company

Turnkey minimill for beams and sections

SULB benefits from both smooth processes and an entirely tailor-made solution. Combined with a pelletizing and a direct-reduced iron (DRI) plant, the minimill forms the core of a fully integrated steel complex - from pelletizing right through to the finished rolled product. This configuration ensures highly efficient production at low operational costs.

The CRS® Compact Roller Straightener features double-supported rollers with hydraulic adjustment. That means our customer can change the program of the whole line within a record time of 20 minutes.

Semi-finished products Blooms (200 x 170 mm and 200 x 280 mm), beam blanks (350 x 245 x 80 mm; 492 x 440 x 100 mm and 680 x 350 x 100)
Products H-beams (100 x 100 to 900 x 300 mm), I-beams (150 x 125 to 600 x 190 mm), channels (150 x 75 to 380 x 10 mm), equal angles (120 x 8 to 250 x 28 mm), sheet piles (400 x 85 to 500 x 225 mm)
Melt shop capacity 900,000 tpy
Rolling capacity 600,000 tpy
Key features
  • 120 t high-performance electric arc furnace with 100% hot DRI feed
  • Mill stands with hydraulic roll adjustment
  • CRS® Compact Roller Straightener with double-supported rollers and hydraulic adjustment
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