Chip remelting plants

Core characteristics:

  • Chips are charged continuously and heated to some 400 °C in seconds. This evaporates both hydrocarbons and moisture.
  • Dryer and melting furnace functions combined in one process to thermally reclaim organic components
  • Hot swarf goes directly into the melting process. That avoids further oxidation or moisture pick-up.
  • Electromagnetic liquid-metal pump for quick, vigorous submersion of the charged material and continuous melt bath agitation

Your benefits:

  • Melting capacity 2 to 8 tons per hour or 40 to 160 tons per day
  • Very low specific energy consumption (< 550 kWh/ton including drying) due to LOW-NOx regenerative burner systems, yet extremely low NOx emissions
  • Practically no melt loss (< 1 %) for high metal recovery
  • Low manpower for operation and maintenance
  • Good metal quality of the melt (low oxide and hydrogen content)
  • Compliance with even the strictest environmental standards