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METTOP-BRX Technology

A revolution in tankhouse technology

To improve the productivity of a copper tankhouse, it’s necessary to boost the current efficiency or current density. Together with Montanwerke Brixlegg AG, Mettop has developed a parallel flow device (PFD) which introduces the fresh electrolyte between each pair of electrodes. Specifically, the device directs the fresh electrolyte in an upward flow over the surface of the cathode. This enhances the existing flow from natural convection.

As a result, METTOP-BRX technology does not affect the settlement of the anode slime. You always get the right PFD to ensure optimum results from your individual tank house. Due to the improved flow pattern, this technology increases current density by up to 50%, even at a high current efficiency.

Designed to be versatile, METTOP-BRX technology is suitable for various metals. Today, the main application is copper production. This principle has been applied since 2011 in China. Operations there prove that a current efficiency of more than 98% is realistic at a current density of 420 A/m². Furthermore, the chemical and physical properties of the cathode are outstanding.

The benefits of METTOP-BRX technology are clear:

  • Much smaller tank house footprint compared to a conventional system
  • Decreased CAPEX and OPEX
  • Lower inventory costs (by as much as EUR 50 million compared to a 400,000 t tankhouse with high current density technology)

Mettop supplies patented key equipment, while SMS contributes complementary components such as cranes, machinery and auxiliaries. That means we can supply complete tankhouses.

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