Pickling lines


Economic and ecological pickling lines

SMS group delivers pickling lines from a single source as a system supplier. The lines are outstanding for their high pickling performance as well as low maintenance and operating costs over a long service life.


Push-Pull Pickling line

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Semi-Continuous Pickling line

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Continuous Pickling line

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Pickling line / Tandem cold mill

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Further concepts...


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Most efficient descaling without overpickling

High kinetic energy

Acid injection under high pressure in a flat channel with immersion covers to prevent evaporation

Recuperator tank image

Recuperator tank

Energy savings and lower acid consumption due to surface pre-treatment with waste acid

Acid regeneration plants image

Acid regeneration plants

Closed acid circulation saves operations costs in compliance with all environmental standards

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X-Pro® laser welder

Fast, safe, and successful welding of challenging steel grades

Precise, fast and reliable. The X-Pro Laser welder from SMS group for continuous production of difficult-to-weld steel grades.

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