Pickling lines


Economic and ecological pickling lines

SMS group delivers pickling lines from a single source as a system supplier. The lines are outstanding for their high pickling performance as well as low maintenance and operating costs over a long service life.


Push-Pull Pickling line

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Semi-Continuous Pickling line

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Continuous Pickling line

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Pickling line / Tandem cold mill

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Further concepts...


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Most efficient descaling without overpickling

High kinetic energy

Acid injection under high pressure in a flat channel with immersion covers to prevent evaporation

Recuperator tank image

Recuperator tank

Energy savings and lower acid consumption due to surface pre-treatment with waste acid

Acid regeneration plants image

Acid regeneration plants

Closed acid circulation saves operations costs in compliance with all environmental standards

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X-Pro® laser welder

Fast, safe, and successful welding of challenging steel grades

Precise, fast and reliable. The X-Pro Laser welder from SMS group for continuous production of difficult-to-weld steel grades.

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Electrical and automation systems

Electrics and automation systems

Future-proof complete solutions from one source
  • Integrated solutions consisting of mechanics, electrics, and automation
  • The benefits of long-term experience with X-Pact® world-leading automation
  • Energy distribution and drive systems
  • The only genuine future-proof automation system
  • Control stations designed around the operator
  • Innovative HMI system for production-centered operation
  • PLUG & WORK integration test, process and production simulation, near-reality 3D visualization
  • All-inclusive modernization
  • International setup
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Holistic, efficient, and future-proof Products and solutions for annealing and galvanizing lines
Line drive control
LEvel 2 system
Pickling model
Looper optimization
Basic automation
Your professional partner for pickling lines

Our specialists in electrics, automation, technology, and mechanics work hand in hand to ensure your systems function smoothly. That’s how we create intelligent, market-centered solutions that boost your production.


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