Gazi Metal, Turkey

The company "Gazi Metal," established in 1927, ranks among the leading steel traders in Turkey and operates its own steel service center. To extend the value-adding chain with quality products, Gazi Metal has had a cold rolling mill complex erected by SMS group in Karasu. The flexible expansion concept allows a secure and investment-friendly introduction to a new business sector and at the same time, it provides the option to expand both the capacity and the product range.

SMS delivered the core components: the semi-continuous pickling line, the acid regeneration plant, the reversing cold mill and the skinpass mill. The supply scope, furthermore, included the complete drive engineering and the electrical and automation systems including process models.

A stand-of feature of the semi-continuous pickling line are the small loopers that ensure the strip in the process section does not have to come to a complete halt while the strips are joined by a stitcher in the entry area. As a result, it is not necessary to re-thread every length of strip. It’s an added advantage that the line can be subsequently upgraded to a continuous pickling line with a doubled capacity.

Main technical data

Steel gradesCQ, DQ, DDQ, EDDQ, HSLA, Low carbon steel grades, NGO silicon steel strip
Strip width:600 mm – 1,550 mm
Strip thickness:1.5 – 6.0 mm
Entry speed120 m/min
Process speed: 100 m/min
Exit speed:120 m/min
Capacity:350,000 t/year
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Gazi Metal - Cold rolling complex