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A new generation in fire refining furnaces

Anode furnaces represent the predominant technology for converting blister copper into anode copper. Featured here are vessels in the form of a horizontal cylinder that rotates in both directions. There have been important improvements over recent years, especially in vessel operation and purging methods. Furthermore, better lining in the plug and mouth areas were developed.

It’s an added advantage for you that the design of the charging mouth and off-gas outlet reduces process fugitive gases that would otherwise pollute your furnace building. Here are the standout features of the PolyMet Solution system:

  • Better lining in the tuyere, mouth, and off-gas off-take areas maximize lining lifetime
  • Better processes (logistics, sequencing, etc.)
  • Optimized purging operation through operator training sessions
  • Advanced automation and process control
  • Faster process time
  • Less fuel and more productivity

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