X-Pro® laser welder

Fast, safe, and successful welding of challenging steel grades

Precise, fast and reliable. The X-Pro Laser welder from SMS group for continuous production of difficult-to-weld steel grades.

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X-Pro® laser welder

Fast, safe, and successful welding of challenging steel grades

There are good reasons to decide for our welding machines. One major advantage is that they enable you to process – and cold-roll – even difficult-to-weld steel grades on continuous strip processing lines. Take for instance the pickling line and tandem cold mill at Hyundai Steel PLTCM. It’s a standard procedure there to weld together martensitic steel grades (MS-W1200) before rolling with high reductions. SMS welders also join steels with a silicon content of 1.2 % and higher. Further impressive advantages are the short machine cycle time of less than 60 seconds, plus simple operation with reproducible results. You also benefit from great flexibility because you can choose the welding source to suit your requirements. That could be a conventional CO2 or a solid-state laser source. 

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  • Continuous production of difficult-to-weld materials (martensitic, high-carbon/silicon)
  • Automatic calculation of welding parameters for every material pairing
  • Patented inductive heat treatment of the weld seam (pre and post-heating)
  • Integrated, automatic weld seam and heat treatment quality assurance system
  • Cycle time below 60 seconds
  • Easy, safe, and repeatable operation
  • Compact design with simple foundations → perfect for revamps.
  • Easy scrap handling
  • Rapid knife cassette changing
  • Freely selectable welding source

Key figures

Cycle time58 sec
Strip width500 - 2,500 mm
Strip thickness0.8 - 8.0 mm
Knife service life> 10,000 cuts
Welding sourceCO2 or solid state
Si contentup to 1.5 % (rollable)
Mn contentup to 3.5 % (rollable)
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