Hydraulic Powder Presses

Hydraulic Powder Presses Flexible solutions for complex sintered parts

Starting with Mannesmann Pulvermetallurgie, SMS group has been active in press technology and powder metallurgy since the 1950s. Based on our experience, we know what you want from a powder press: cost-efficient production of complex sintered parts in consistently high quality. These parts go above all to the automotive as well electrical and general mechanical engineering industries. There is even more potential because new materials are constantly being developed and demand for complex, near-net-shape parts is growing. Both factors open up new, pioneering opportunities for powder press technology.


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Types of hydraulic powder presses

Compaction force Hydraulic CNC pressesLine types
600 – 2,000 kNHPM 60 E5HPM 150 E5HPM 200 E5
2,500 – 3,500 kNHPM 250 E5HPM 350 E5 
5,000 – 8,000 kNHPM 500 E5HPM 650 E5HPM 800 E5

10,000 – 17,000 kN

HPM 1000 E5HPM 1500 E5HPM 1700 E5
20,000 – 25,000 kNHPM 2000 E5HPM 2500 E5
Hybrid CNC pressesLine types
1,600 – 3,200 kNCHP 160CHP 250CHP 320
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Hydraulic CNC powder presses
Forming the future

Ideal for precise, high-speed operation, our hydraulic CNC powder presses come in compact, four-column design. Crucial here is our patented controlled punch adapter (CPA). Using up to 12 axes, these machines produce even complex sintered parts very flexibly. You can rely on zero cracks or micro cracks.

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CNC hybrid powder presses CHP
High-speed mechanics meets precision hydraulics

Our hybrid press range features outstanding drive technology including a mechanical-hydraulic drive system for the upper ram. That gives you the advantages of a high-speed mechanical system efficiently combined with a top-precision hydraulic system.


Controlled punch adapter (CPA) technology

Top-quality process engineering

Extreme versatility

Equipped with up to 12 axes, this tool offers you extreme flexibility for highly complex sintered parts. That’s because each punch level interacts fully automatically and is precisely controlled by the CNC system.

Here’s how it works:

First, the punches shape the powder into the desired geometry. What makes all the difference here is perfect control that also takes account of punch interaction. No compacting force is applied yet. This stage is vital for the uniform density of the finished part. Next up is the coordinated press compacting process. As a result of the telescopic arrangement of the cylinders, each CPA axis is guided with pinpoint accuracy and can transmit high compacting forces. The hydraulic CNC axes ensure the uniform force of all punches. Furthermore, they compensate for punch expansion, particularly during the relief phase. So you get parts completely free of micro cracks.

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Automatic Parts Calculation

An automated part calculation system is also implemented in the HMI which gives the operator a first set-up position. These ram positions can be simulated and checked on the screen before uploading to the press. Based on the calculated positions and the speeds needed, a theoretically pre-calculated energy consumption per part will be shown.

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