Primary smelting units

Our solutions in primary non-ferrous metals smelting

There are several conventional and unique processes for the primary smelting of non-ferrous metals such as bath smelters (TSL type), flash furnaces, electric furnaces, tilting furnaces, rotary furnaces as well as shaft furnaces available. These furnaces have in common that they require a modern control system, advanced cooling/lining concepts, low emission burners and a robust furnace design. SMS group offers a wide range of improvements and optimizations for these furnaces. Additionally, SMS supplies TSL furnaces for the recycling of metal containing waste material.

Blue Smelter

Furthermore, SMS developed its own primary smelting technology, the so-called BlueSmelter. The BlueSmelter is an innovative bath smelting technology, which processes primary raw materials for the non-ferrous metals production, such as copper concentrate and other ores for the production of zinc, lead, tin and other metals. The BlueSmelter was designed to process a wide range of copper and precious metals containing secondary raw materials, with a focus on low qualities and high organic content but with significant monetary value. The improved bath smelter furnace enables maintenance-free blowing of the media via the patented SIS injectors that provides better turbulence for rapid reactions in the vessel. SMS group successfully conducted pilot-scale tests to demonstrate its technical feasibility.

Features of the BlueSmelter include:

  • Wide range of furnace feed material
  • Long lifetime based on an airtight vessel roof and an effective cooling and lining concept
  • Advanced low maintenance burner and SIS injection system without conventional lances
  • Injection of fine material
  • Purging system for minimized metal content in slag and H2-purging (optional)
  • Maximizing metal yield
  • Fully automated process based on BlueControl
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BlueSmelter demonstration plant in Sweden
SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image
Bath smelter during commissioning


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