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It's easy to sum up the demands of the forging industry: high precision and productivity, perfect microstructure properties, plus flexible application, batch size, and unit production. This is where we not only meet today's requirements, but also ensure your competitive edge in the future. What puts our hydraulic radial forging machines at the top of the global tree is this: their innovative design, high performance, and intelligent technology.


Radial forging machine designs
SMX hydraulic radial forging machines image

SMX hydraulic radial forging machines

Our SMX hydraulic radial forging machines deliver precision and productivity, perfect microstructure properties, plus flexibility of application, batch size, and single-item production.

SMI hydraulic forging machines with 2 cylinders in horizontal arrangement image

SMI hydraulic forging machines

Nothing is built like our SMI hydraulic forging machines with 2 cylinders in horizontal arrangement. They are ideal for preforming components that go on to the die for intermediate shaping. You can also use them to forge near-net-shape parts.


Our manipulators for forging machines are particularly robust. Why? Because they offer you not only high load-bearing capacity, but also precise interaction between the manipulators and the forging machine. That's crucial for a perfect forging result.

Included here are automated manipulators that move in sync with the machine - for a fast and smooth forging process. They come with hydraulically driven tongs. We specially designed the tong peel as a hollow shaft so you can also use a mandrel forging device, e.g. for tubes.

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Innovative hydraulic cylinders

Maximum performance with stroke sequences

These virtually maintenance-free press cylinders incorporate our patented technology. Here is the basic principle: a servo-controlled pilot cylinder is followed by the working piston. This pilot cylinder controls the forming rate and return stroke. That means you achieve pinpoint accuracy - every time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Vibration-free operation, low noise
  • Up to 300 strokes/min. depending on machine size 
  • Extremely long maintenance intervals
Innovative hydraulic cylinders image

COMFORGE® technology package

Intelligent technology package

What ComForge® does for you is precisely calculate your pass schedules. It takes into account everything from cross-sectional shape to forging process as well as your specific requirements (e.g. fine grain structure). The intuitive user interface makes it easy to input all parameters:

  • Geometry of the initial and final dimensions 
  • Material quality of the forging
  • Tool and machine parameters
  • Deformation parameters
  • Furnace temperature
COMFORGE technology package

Forging railroad axles

How to save energy and time

Using our SMX hydraulic radial forging machine, you can forge three or more axles from a single ingot. Better still, the operation only takes one heat. This means no process interruption for intermediate heating. That not only boosts productivity, but also cuts energy consumption. There are even more extras on our radial forging machines: they come with fully synchronized manipulators, so they can forge workpieces through to the core over the entire length. Simultaneous loading and unloading ensure a faster process and higher output. Here is how: as the forged ingot is removed on the unloading side, a new ingot is already clamped onto the loading side.

Forging railroad axles image

Forging thick-walled tubes

How to save energy and time

To help you boost your business, SMS group modified and extended its proven SMX concept to include tube forging. Specifically, we expanded the plant layout to incorporate a third manipulator that holds a mandrel bar. Also integrated are conically shaped tools that ensure high-quality tube surface finishes. Furthermore, you achieve a smoother material flow due to improved infeed movement and turn angle of the manipulator. It takes just one pass to correct flaws in the starting material. That means: even if you process extremely eccentric mother tubes, you still produce finished tubes with low eccentricity and high straightness.

Forging thick-walled tubes image

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