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Residue recycling technology

Primary products
Towards a residue-free steel production

The primary objective of many steelmakers to move towards a residue-free steel production has prompted Paul Wurth to extend its portfolio in recycling technologies. The very specific nature of the products to be treated has encouraged the R&D teams of Paul Wurth to develop and combine various recycling processes so as to be able today to propose a comprehensive range of solutions for processing residues from the iron, steel and non-ferrous industry.

The industry’s growing focus on reducing the environmental footprint of steel production makes us push ahead the development of innovative solutions, enabling the reuse of valuable recovered materials and reducing at the same time the operating costs by eliminating landfilling related expenses.

Our range of innovative recycling technologies largely contributes to the environmental sustainability of the steel production, approaching the zero-waste goal. 

  • RedIron™ and RedSmelt™ direct reduction processes based on rotary hearth furnace technology for the recovery of iron bearing residues
  • PRIMUS® process based on multiple hearth furnace technology for recycling steelmaking by-products with high zinc content
  • i-meltor® process for recycling various types of non-ferrous metals containing by-products
  • Ciroval™, selective leaching process for recycling blast furnace sludge
  • PLD deoiling process for the treatment of oily scales from steel mills and the reuse of the iron fraction at the sinterplant.

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