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Total roll gap control (TRC®)

Thread in and tail out assistant for lower off-gauge lengths and high yield.

We launched TRC® as part of our Level 2 control package. It drastically reduces off-gauge lengths and improves the yield of discontinuously operating mills. One advantage from TRC® is that it uses additional information about the strip head and tail end to optimize the roll gap during threading. Basically TRC uses load cells for roll force measurement underneath the wedge adjusting system.

We installed our TRC® fully automatic threading assistant for the first time at German cold strip producer Bilstein GmbH & Co. KG. It was part of a thorough revamp of our customer's TCM. Bilstein uses slit strips, which can create problems. That's because the wedge shape of the strip profile makes threading and rolling processes more difficult. Now, a strip head tracker guides the strip into the roll gap. There, the wedge compensation moves the rolls to precisely align the roll gap with the strip geometry. This process, together with other actuators, results in fewer off-gauge lengths and better process stability.

Your benefits from TRC®:

  • Up to 20% higher production due to faster threading in and out 
  • Up to 50% fewer off-gauge lengths (including head and tail)
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