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Yield Optimizer

Cost efficient solution for yield increase by optimized threading

One challenge of the rolling process is the minimization of off-gauge weight in order to keep yield on high levels. For this reason SMS group developed the Yield Optimizer giving maximum assistance to the operator for stable threading along with thickness reduction. With a yield increase of up to 0.5 percent the Yield Optimizer is a valuable alternative to the TRC® system, especially when upgrading an existing mill or as a feature of new plainly and robustly designed mills. As additional equipment there is only a camera with free view to the exit side of the roll gap to be installed. The technical solution comprises:

  • Pre-adjustment of flatness actuators from level 2, using actual strip profile
  • Multiple set-point generation using process models for different condition  
  • Set-point switching based on strip tracking

Operator intervention is only required to maintain the strip centerline. With the Yield Optimizer, the tape is threaded independently of the operator. All this results in the reduction of yield loss due to unrolled head end and tails.

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Using the Yield Optimizer, the CCM® of KYCR is working very productively.