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Are you ready for an annual production of 100,000 to 500,000 tons? Then our single-stand reversing mill (RCM) is ideal for you because it offers you a very broad product spectrum. It's the best solution for rolling silicon steels and special steel grades. What makes the mill so efficient is that you can set the number of passes and the rolling speeds to suit your program. Also included in our range is our twin-stand Compact Cold Mill (CCM®) for capacities of up to 900,000 tpy, depending on your product mix. Furthermore, if you want to upgrade an existing RCM into a CCM®, our flexible extension package makes this possible - and affordable.


Design for a production of up to 500,000 tons per year

Single-stand reversing cold mill (RCM)

The RCM is the all-rounder among cold rolling mills. Mainly used for rolling low carbon steels, it's also a great solution for advanced grades such as silicon steels. And, if you want to produce small to medium batch sizes, this mill type is a highly efficient option. Depending on your product mix and the installed rolling technology, the capacity ranges from approx. 100,000 to 500,000 tpy.

Design for a production of up to 500,000 tons per year image

Design for a production of up to 900,000 ton per year

Twin-stand Compact Cold Mill (CCM®)

Our successful Compact Cold Mill (CCM®), a two-stand reversing type, represents the very best in SMS group design. Featuring a capacity of 500,000 to 900,000 tpy, the CCM® closes the gap between the single-stand RCM and the multistand tandem cold mill. We engineer these mills to achieve the best investment and lowest operating costs for their capacity range.

Design for a production of up to 900,000 ton per year image

Design for efficient production of high-strength and stainless steels

CVC® plus 18-HS mill

Some ten years ago, we developed our 18-HS mill design, which is available in combination with CVC® plus. This solution is ideal for rolling high-strength and stainless steels. It can be applied in reversing mills (RCM) as well as tandem mills (TCM).

Design for efficient production of high-strength and stainless steels image


Total roll gap control (TSC) image

Total roll gap control (TRC®)

Total roll gap control (TRC) - thread in and tail out assistant for lower off-gauge lengths and high yield.

Dry strip system (DS system) image

Dry strip system (DS system)

Excellent strip surface quality

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Superior design and actuators for roll gap setting

Outstanding CVC® plus 4-high and CVC® plus 6-high designs for better yield and quality, proven by more than 800 installed systems:

SIEFLEX HD - high capacity spindle image

SIEFLEX® HT - High-capacity spindle

High-strength materials require even heavier rolling torques and forces. To meet this challenge, you can now opt for our new ...

Multipurpose mill CVC plus M 18/4 image

Multipurpose mill CVC® plus M 18/4

Flexible production of soft and high-strength material in a single mill

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Electrical and automation systems

Future-proof complete solutions from one source

  • Integrated solutions consisting of mechanics, electrics, and automation
  • The benefits of long-term experience with X-Pact® world-leading automation
  • Energy distribution and drive systems
  • The only genuine future-proof automation system
  • Control stations designed around the operator
  • Innovative HMI system for production-centered operation
  • Plug & Work integration test, process and production simulation, near-reality 3D visualization
  • All-inclusive modernization
  • International setup
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Holistic, efficient, and future-proof

Products and solutions for Reversing cold mills

Pass Schedule Calculation (PSC®
Automatic threading assistant
X-Shape® Flatness Measuring
Flatness Control Model
Volume Flow Gauge Control
Technological control for mill stand
X-Shape® Flatness Measuring and Control
Technological control for coiler
Your professional partner for
Reversing cold mills

Our specialists in electrics, automation, technology, and mechanics work hand in hand to ensure your systems function smoothly. That’s how we create intelligent, market-centered solutions that boost your production.


Coating technologies for rolling mills

Chrome plating of work rolls for longer service life

Chrome plating of work rolls

Chrome is one of the hardest metals, with excellent corrosion resistance and a low frictional coefficient. This combination turns the surface of work rolls to high-value and wear-resistant. SMS provides automated coating and carefully inspects the roll before and after chrome plating.

SMS uses EDT prior to chrome plating

Deformation behavior and appearance of the varnish depend on the structure of the strip surface. EDT (electric discharge texturing) is a machining process which removes particles from a work roll surface by energy of electric discharges. The electro-erosion leads to a higher number of peaks on the roll material's surface. This results in a roughness higher by 2-3 points compared to shot-blast-texturing (SBT). In combination with a 0.005 to 0.015 mm thick chrome layer, EDT is a successful solution for automotive sheets.

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A revolution in maintenance management. Grease lubrication is an expensive and time consuming affair. SMS therefore recommends WearComp® materials. Components made from the patented compound material are self- lubricating. A material that lets you say goodbye to grease.

Maintenance tools

Effective and economical maintenance


The Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) is a combination of a CMMS software and valuable data based on decades of SMS experience. From elaborate analyses and existing documents, SMS creates a plant specific, customized package of component- related maintenance strategies for technically and commercially effective maintenance.

IMMS® - steps required for a complete maintenance system

Maintenance tools image

Genius CM

Our early-warning system to avoid downtimes

The Genius Condition Monitoring includes a modularly designed, permanent online monitoring system. It controls and records the current condition of wear-prone plant components and notifies when situations become critical.

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1. Monitoring of toothing
(Gear mesh frequency) MDVA - Diagnostic Vibration Anaysis
2. Bearing damage
Temperature Monitoring
3. Gear unit lubrication
(Dirt particles, oil flow, water level) HDM - Hydraulic Monitoring
4. Spindle monitoring
(Torque) TAS - Torque Analysis System
5. Process monitoring
MiDaS - Mill Diagnostic System

X-Roll® Oil Bearing

Hydrodynamic roll-neck bearings from SMS group are highly advanced and elementary components of modern rolling mill technology. That's because they support the load-bearing backup rolls. Even under extremely tough operating conditions, they ensure long roll service life and minimal maintenance outlay. This is how roll-neck bearings contribute substantially to meeting the high requirements for optimal final strip geometry.

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