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Wherever you look, seamless steel tubes are an integral part of modern life. Today, the oil and gas industry, the construction and mechanical engineering industries, and automotive manufacturers demand ever better tubes made of higher steel grades, with closer tolerances and new dimensions.

Ever since the Mannesmann brothers' radical invention in 1885, SMS group has continuously improved the seamless tube production process. That has put us one step ahead of current and future requirements of the pipe and tube market. Take for example our PQF® (Premium Quality Finishing) process and its innovative technology packages. This innovative power proves we offer you competitive solutions for seamless tubes.

Seamless tube plant process

The right solution for all process stages

Piercing, elongating, and finish-rolling - these are the key stages in seamless tube production. SMS group has the right machines for every stage, and covers the whole range of processes.

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Starting Material

Steel billets of various dimensions and grades, continuously cast or rolled

  • Billet preparation
  • Billet saws
  • Furnace technology 
  • Billet centering
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from the billet to the hollow

  • Cross-rolling mills (cone type and Barrel type piercing)
  • Billet descaling
  • 3-roll piercing mill
  • Hollow inside deoxidation
  • Cooling and quick-change systems for piercing tools
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Elongating / expanding

from the hollow to the shell

  • PQF® / MPM mill
  • CPE/TPE mill / Push bench technology 
  • Assel mill
  • Plug mill
  • Hot pilger mill
  • Elongator
  • Rotary Expander
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Finish rolling

from the shell to the tube

  • Reheating furnace (gas fired/induction)
  • High pressure water descaling unit 
  • Sizing mill
  • Stretch-reducing mill
  • FPS adjustable rolling stands
  • Tube layer saws
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Finishing line

From the rolling mill to the dispatch area

  • Groove dressing machines for PQF® catridges
  • Stretch-reducing and sizing mill stands
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Seamless tubes of various dimensions

  • Diameters: 
    21.3 mm to 720 mm 
  • Wall thicknesses:
    2 mm to 120 mm



Advanced mandrel mill technology for premium quality finishing

Whether it's high-alloy steels or particularly thin-walled precision tubes - with our PQF® (Premium Quality Finishing) technology, you can produce even the highest-grade products efficiently and reliably. You also use less material to generate better output than with conventional solutions. That ensures tool cost plus energy savings due to the low reheating required during the rolling process.

Typical size ranges / deformation steps of PQF® mills
Plant dimension 7"9 5/8" / 10 3/4"16" / 20"
Billet Diameter [mm] 210 200 - 280210 - 360 / 450
Diameter range Finished tube [mm] 48,3 - 177,8 42,4 - 244,5  (273,1)177,8 - 406,4 / 508
Wall thickness [mm] 3,2 - 223,6 - 255,6 - 40
capacity [tons / year]
> 200.000  > 300.000> 400.000

Your benefits from the PQF® process at a glance

  • You can roll higher-alloyed steel grades
  • Temperature distribution in the shell is more uniform after the
    elongation rolling process
  • Reduced "finning" at the shell end for lower crop end losses
  • Closer wall thickness tolerances
  • Higher tube quality
  • Lower manufacturing costs
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Technical highlights

SMSgroup Image

Furnace technology for seamless tube plants

Experienced specialists in tube rolling, re-heating, and heat treatment

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BCM - Billet centering machines

Optimized rolling process with centered piercing

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PQSC® Technology

Better plug material and less thermal load

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Innovative scale protection in seamless tubes

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An all-new measuring principle

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Lasus® measuring system

Precise measurements for high quality all round

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Carta® technology system

Computer-aided rolling technology - seamless integration, all-round innovation

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Groove dressing machine

Latest-generation roll dressing machines

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