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An all-new measuring principle

CaliView® is a newly developed system for inline measurement of the rolls and passes in seamless tube mills. It uses a camera to quickly and precisely measure the stands. Then they are optimally aligned inline.

Inline measuring & positioning of calibers

What sets our new CaliView® system apart is that it measures the rolls and pass-lines in mills for seamless tube production inline. That makes it possible for the first time to exactly assess the passes with the rolls installed in the mill. Here is how it works: A camera measures the alignment of the rolls quickly, simply and - more importantly - in a contact-free way. According to a subsequent analysis of the measurement results, the rolls are aligned to optimize the pass.

After a successfully completed test in its sizing mill, tube and pipe manufacturer Vallourec has integrated the system into the line of the plug mill.


  • Flexible solution for: PQF® / MPM mills, stretch reducing mills, sizing mills, piercers, PSM®, and toolshops
  • Fast, precise and contact-free inline measurement of all stands in the mill
  • Visibility of the alignment of the rolls to the pass-line
  • Direct feedback via the mobile control device allows roll
    adjustment during measurement
  • Identification of work-roll wear
  • Data-based system to draw up statistics
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