CARTA® technology system

Computer-aided rolling technology – seamless integration, all-round innovation

CARTA® (Computer-Aided Rolling Technology Application) is our technological production planning and process control system for the hot section of seamless tube mills.

From data archiving to process optimization CARTA® combines three key benefits for seamless pipe mills:

  • Larger output
  • Higher pipe quality
  • Better mill utilization
CARTA technology system image

This planning and process control system covers the entire production line for hot rolled products in seamless tube production - from the piercing mill (CARTA® CPM), through the PQF® mill (CARTA® PQF), to the sizing/stretch-reducing
mill (CARTA® SM/SRM). Included are three modules to ensure optimal rolling mill operation: The process planning module takes care of mill settings and tool design The process management module controls the rolling process in real time, saving and analyzing the process data

Finally, there is the tool management module. It guarantees precise, on-time utilization of the tools. CARTA® saves the quality-related data of each pipe, then applies process- specific evaluation logic to determine the quality of the process and pipe. This is how our system not only ensures close wall thickness and diameter tolerances, but also reduces material losses. Production planning is backed up by a historical database with long-term data recording, maintaining consistent quality.



CARTA technology system image