Innovative scale protection in seamless tubes

Using INCOAT® technology cuts costs in seamless tube production. This newly developed powder transfer solution coats the inside surface of the pierced billet from the very start, largely preventing the build-up of scale.

Better inside surface
INCOAT® coats the pierced billet right from the start. That's because the innovative powder transfer technology sprays our specially developed INCOAT® powder onto the fresh inside surface of the pierced billet directly behind the piercer plug. There the powder melts instantly, preventing the tube surface from coming into contact with oxygen. What's more, the surface protection layer prevents scale formation. You can precisely adjust the volume conveyed down to just one gram per second. This ensures stable, reproducible coating quality. It's even possible to adjust the film thickness during rolling. There is no longer any need to keep the pierced billet in the deoxidization station, so billets produced with INCOAT® lose less heat. That creates the perfect conditions and energy for the subsequent rolling process.

Your benefits

  • No environmental pollution (free of borates)
  • No scale formation
  • No additional deoxidization or temperature loss 
  • Variable film thickness across the length
  • Fewer internal defects