LASUS® measuring sysTem

Precise measurements for high quality all round

The SMS group LASUS® (Laser Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measuring) system reliably measures the wall thickness of tubes - even during production at temperatures of up to 1,200 °C. Armed with this data, you can control your seamless tube rolling processes more precisely to achieve outstanding product quality.

High-precision measurements through advanced technology

Laser-ultrasonic technology uses the high-energy pulses of a laser to induce ultrasonic waves in a hot tube. Then, a second frequency-stabilized laser detects the ultrasonic waves reflected on the inside tube surface by applying the Doppler effect. Now, on the basis of the ultrasonic velocity in the hot tube, it's possible to calculate the tube wall thickness directly from the run time of two ultrasonic echo signals. Equipped with LASUS® Multiscan and the SecControl® system, you can control individual roll positions online.

Your benefits

  • True single-wall measurement
  • Multi-channel design for all tube diameters
  • No radioactive sources
  • Measurement with mandrel bar inside the shell
  • Ready for new control systems such as SecControl®
  • High dynamics
  • High local resolution
  • High roll fault orders detectable
  • Optimized for CARTA® technology systems
LASUS measuring system image LASUS measuring system image